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Signalyze is a group of traders & developers who's goal is to you the trader the best market insight and data. We are developing advance trading systems for the industry and for retail traders.
Signalyze offer you the trader instant price data from the leading crypto currency exchnages. You can set custom alerts direct to telegram to ensure you never miss that crutial trade!.
In short, everyone is welcome to use our system from retail traders to exchnages and hedge funds. As the industry is growing we are seeing an ever increasing demand for algorythmic trading system and HFT style systems.
Signalyze tokens will become part of the Signalyze ecosystem. Everything from licencing our trading software, to becoming a member of Signalyze trading group will require tokens. In addition to this Signlayze token holders will gain access to private trading tools, seminars & events!
Again, in time we will develop trading courses and seminars that out members will have access too, at this tiome we are unable to offer 1-2-1 tuition or courses.
Signalyze is available to buy on the Waves exchange ( https://waves.exchange ) and you can store it in the WavesFX wallet, we are looking to expand the options available for purchase of our products and services and we aim to have signalyze available on more exchanges in future.
No, signalyze tokens are a utility token they allow the holder to licence our software or become a member of our trading group they are not sold as a financial product, before you purchase your tokens you should fully understand this is not a financial product and as such no expectaion of financial gain should be expected from the product.

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